We are Committed to safe and compliant drug waste disposal

DrugWaste International is an Australian owned and operated company providing a simple and powerful solution to drug medicine waste disposal. We recognise the urgent need to offer an alternative to the dangerous practices of drugs being squirted into sharps bins and down the drain. An alternative that ensures safe, compliant, and sustainable drug waste disposal – the DrugWaste Bin with its unique proprietary gel ensuring full compliance from disposal to destruction.

About DrugWaste International

DrugWaste International is unique, we are not a waste management company, we are a safety management company. We are 100% focused on supporting medical and healthcare organisations create safe and sustainable processes to meet the needs of staff, patients, and regulators.

Our Team

Vinh Kha Drug Waste international

Vinh Kha

Chief Financial Officer

Vinh is a senior finance professional and CFO with broad experience in all aspects of financial management. Vinh’s natural curiosity has prompted his love of exploring foreign cultures and drives his passion for cultivating his many orchids.

Danielle Venter Drug Waste International

Danielle Venter

Chief Commercial Officer

Danielle leads our global commercial strategy with extensive experience in the healthcare sector, enhanced by her entrepreneurial interest in developing microbusinesses. Her love of her family drives her ambition and keeps her focused (and energised!).

Jeremy Ahrenholz Drug Waste International

Jeremy Ahrenholz

Chief Operations Officer

Based in Western Australia, Jeremy oversees all operations and logistics. When Jeremy is not working, he loves packing his family up and exploring.

Kaylene Spooner Drug Waste International

Kaylene Spooner

National Customer Care Manager

Whilst at work, Kaylene’s focuses on providing fantastic customer service skills on DrugWaste clients. Her favourite non-work pastimes are reading, travelling, yoga and spending time with family.

Ella Gallagher Drug Waste International

Ella Gallagher

National Education Manager 

Ella was a Registered Nurse before joining DrugWaste International. She is passionate about driving sustainable change within healthcare. When she is not working, you’ll probably find her on the beach with her dog Bindi or hiking up a mountain for sunrise.

Esther, Mia, Kelsey Drug Waste International

Esther, Mia, Kelsey

Logistics team

Our team in production makes it all happen! They are dedicated, hardworking and reliable. When not in the warehouse, they are pursuing their personal interests and passions.

Trial our innovative medicine waste disposal solution

DrugWaste International reduces the environmental and social impacts of drug disposal mismanagement. Talk to us about trialling our DrugWaste Bin with its unique proprietary gel to improve safety, boost sustainability and ensure compliance in your organisation.